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Machining - 3 axis milling and turning

- NC Machining--featuring Hardinge, HAAS and Cincinnati Milacron machining Centers

- Short run & Prototype Machining--featuring Bridgeport & Xcello mills and South Bend lathes

Design Services - CAD Design and Drafting

- 2D-AutoCad

- 3D-SolidWorks

Aluminum Dip Brazing

- CMC is an industry approved source for aluminum dip brazing, welding, heat treating, and chemical film coating. Aluminum dip brazing is the preferred means of fabricating aluminum assemblies, offering superior joints as strong as the base metal. Dip brazing utilizes uniform heating, resulting in little or no physical distortion. Depending on fixturing and method of fabrication, complex assemblies can achieve tolerances as low as +/- .005, though typical tolerances are +/- .010. Click here to find out more.

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