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Calibration Options

Direct Frequency Readout

digital_led.gif (4475 bytes)

Digital LED/LCD Display

LED: Where external power is available

LCD: Self-contained battery power

Frequency Accuracy: 0.01%

calibrated_tape.gif (3332 bytes)

Calibrated Tape

Frequency Accuracy: 0.02%

Indirect Frequency Readout

claibrated_knob.gif (4851 bytes)

Calibrated Knob

(Standard on all TC and TW series filters)

Frequency Accuracy: 0.01%

micrometer.gif (5014 bytes)

Micrometer Adjust

Each Resonator is individually settable and has individual calibration

Frequency Accuracy: 0.01%

no_cal.gif (1794 bytes)

No Calibration

Specifying Filters
Filter Type & Order
Calibration Options
Engineering Assistance



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