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Fixed Triplexers

Triplexers are available in both coax and waveguide types. As they are non-directional, they can serve to combine or split signals for transmit or recieve applications or a combination of both. Bandwidths, Channel to Channel Isolation, Loss, Power Handling, and Mechanical Configuration are all designed to your specific application.

CMC P/N 616460 combines the output of three transmitters (X-Band, Ku Low and Ku High) to a common antenna. Each channel is 500 MHz wide.
Isolation between channels exceeds 90 dB.
Insertion Loss ranges from 0.8 to 1.2 dB per channel.
Connections are SMA(f).
The package is extremely compact, low profile, and light weight.

CMC P/N 619400 combines the output of three transmitters in L-Band to a common antenna. Channels are centered at 1250, 1350, and 1525 MHz with 10 MHz passbands. Isolation between channels exceeds 30 dB. Insertion Loss is less than 0.2 dB per channel. Power Handling is 30 MegaWatts, peak; 18 KiloWatts average. Connections are CPR 650 Waveguide Flanges The unit requires pressurization with SF6.

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